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What is Our Goal!

We are proud to call ourselves the “Home of Customized Massage Therapy” and be the ultimate Wellness Clinic, created with health, wellbeing, and rejuvenation in mind. Our licensed and very knowledgeable professionals work closely with each and every client to meet their needs. It is our belief that success in life is most achievable with balancing the energies of the body and mind with proper health and stress management techniques.

Quality! like nowhere else! What is Included in session:

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Top Professionals

Certified & Licensed Massage Therapists w/ +10 years of experience.

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Deep Tissue SPORT

LMT may apply Percussive Therapy of THERAGUN for therapeutic benefits.


Finest Sound

Music from BOSE, as the Premium Sound System.

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Hot Towel

Hot & Refreshing Hot towel for feet, Neck or Shoulders.

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Therapy Enhancers

Hot Stones OR Cupping Therapy to Suplement your session



Reflexology Session with Peppermint & Lemon Peel Herbal Foot Lotion.


Massage Products

We ONLY use Highest Quality, Organic Oil, Lotion & Cream.



Premium Quality Aromatherapy Natural Oils for Deep Relaxation.


Heated Table Mat

Massage table will be comfortably heated.



Services and prices may vary at Oldsmar  location, please visit : for full disclosure of available services and specials.

13968 W. Hillsborough Ave.

Tampa, Florida. 33635

(813) 532 7462

License #: MM33712, CE10001141


3825 Henderson Blvd. #301

Tampa, Florida. 33629

(813) 350 0690

License #: MM25647

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